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17 Ways On How To Increase Sperm Count: Boost Your Fertility Naturally

Sperm count refers to the overall quantity of sperm included in a certain subgroup of sperm.

Fertility doctors look at sperm count as part of standard semen tests because they believe it is essential in infertility. According to the most recent WHO criteria, an average sperm count is 15 million per ml or at least 39 million per ejection.

The infertility trends have been terrifying in recent times. And one of the significant causes is low sperm count, which is an eye-opening event.

For this very reason, this article has discussed natural therapies, dietary modifications, and medications that may boost sperm production.

17 Ways To Increase Your Sperm Count Naturally

Know more about ways to increase sperm count

  1. Get Plenty Of Activity And Rest

    Numerous researchers have reported that losing weight and fitness can enhance or enhance sperm count in patients who are overweight or obese.

    The data relating a normal Bmi to a normal sperm concentration, on the other hand, is currently inconclusive.

    Research published in 2017 looked at the advantages of a 16-week aerobic fitness program that included at least three 50-minute workouts each week.

    The subjects’ heart rates reached 50–65 percent of their maximum. Regular exercise enhanced sperm count and mobility in 45 men with overweight and inactive lives, according to the research.

  2. Give Up Smoking

    Smoking significantly lowered sperm count, according to the 2016 concept that looked at the data of over 20 trials with a combination of over 6,000 individuals.

    The scientists discovered that persons who smoked tobacco moderately or heavily had worse sperm quality than those who smoked tobacco less frequently.

    Here is another reason, why women should quit smoking.

  3. Avoid Heavy Drinking And Drug Use

    Few controlled studies have looked into the connection between sperm viability and medicines. This is because testing illegal drugs might lead to moral considerations.

    However, a 2018 study found that widespread usage of substances including liquor, cannabis, and heroin is connected to lower sperm production.

    Because some information is contradictory, more study is needed to validate this relationship.

  4. Use Fenugreek

    Fenugreek has traditionally been used as a natural cure for sperm medical problems, and proponents believe it can help increase sperm production.

    A 2017 research indicated that the litigation chemical Furosap, which was produced from fenugreek beans, boosted overall spermatogenesis and count considerably.

  5. Consume Or Receive Adequate Vitamin D

    Scientists aren’t sure why, but calcium and vitamin D concentration in the blood affect sperm quality.

    Scientists discovered a strong link between increased conception in male subjects and a greater amount of vitamin D in the plasma in a study of 18 papers published in 2019.

    Nevertheless, the researchers of the study propose that these results be interpreted with caution and that more clinical trials be conducted to verify their conclusions.

    Calcium shortage has been shown to hurt sperm count in studies. Nevertheless, the researchers of the study propose that these results be interpreted with caution and that more clinical trials be conducted to verify their conclusions.

    Calcium shortage has been shown to harm sperm concentration in studies.

  6. Consume Ashwagandha Supplement

    Ashwagandha, often known as Indian root, has centuries in traditional medicine to treat a variety of sexual problems.

    A 2013 study indicated that taking 675 mg of ashwagandha every day for 90 days increased sperm count by 167 percent in 46 individuals with low sperm concentration.

    More details one the paper could be found here.

  7. Increase Intake Of Antioxidant-Rich Foods

    Antioxidants are chemicals that aid in the deactivation of free radicals, which cause cell destruction.

    Antioxidants are found in a variety of minerals and vitamins, and some research has connected antioxidant intake to enhanced sperm production.

    More on it here.

  8. Increase Consumption Of Good Fats

    Polyunsaturated fats are essential for the sperm membrane’s proper growth. Omega-3 and omega-6 fats are examples of such fats.

    An analysis of three research published in 2019 indicated that men with impotence who consumed omega-3 fats had significantly improved spermatogenesis and content compared to the group not.

  9. Reduce Your Exposure To Pollutants

    Experts frequently relate external factors like as pollution levels and exposure to harmful chemicals to lower sperm quality and quantity as pollution and traffic rise.

    A 2019 study found a correlation between residing in heavily industrialized locations with high levels of air pollution and decreased sperm counts.

    Environmental pollutants should be avoided at all costs to improve general health.

  10. Avoid Soy And Estrogen-Rich Items

    Phyto estrogen is found in some meals, particularly soy products. Testosterone binding and sperm development may be compromised as a result of this.

    In a new report of 1,319 Chinese men, researchers discovered that higher levels of phytoestrogen in the sperm reflected poorer semen quality.

    Artificial estrogen is present in a lot of tinned and plastic products. Based on one 2019 review, bisphenol A is a chemical that interacts with estrogen-specific receptors or might affect male fertility following exposure.

  11. Consume Adequate Folate And Zinc

    Limited research suggests that combining folate and zinc may increase sperm overall health, particularly concentrations and quantity.

  12. Could Try Tribulus Terrestris

    Another historical herbal that could perk up your sperm count is Tribulus Terrestris. Some people claim it boosts testosterone levels, but there’s no scientific evidence to back this up.

    There is, however, an indication that it can increase testosterone levels.

  13. Receive Adequate Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is beneficial not just to your immune response, but also to your bones. It can help you sustain an erection by increasing the amount of blood.

  14. Add D-Aspartic Acid Supplement

    This amine is contained in the body over time and aids in the regulation of male hormones, which can increase testosterone levels.

    D-aspartic acid, taken as a dietary, has been shown to boost testosterone production, sperm concentration, as well as velocity in infertile men.

  15. Maca Root Should Be Eaten

    Maca root sometimes referred to as “Peruvian ginseng,” is high in essential vitamins that might also improve your stats.

    Respondents in a 2015 report who consumed 1.75 grams of maca root powders each day for three months had higher sperm production and velocity.

  16. Onion

    Onion or onion root extract may be beneficial when it comes to improving the sperm count if the reason for low sperm count is low testosterone levels.

    With the help of regular consumption of onion, your body may be able to produce luteinizing hormone and could also get some assistance in destroying the free radicals as well. Hence, this ultimately could improve sperm count in men.

    Here is a link to the onion and testosterone study.

  17. Ginseng Consumption

    According to this governmental study, consumption of ginseng could prove to be beneficial when it comes to healthy sperm.

    This is a natural herb used for ages.

    Having said that, it is really important that you take professional medical advice before starting the consumption of ginseng in your daily life.


The majority of research suggests that lifestyle modifications, natural therapies, and dietary changes can help a man maintain and enhance a low sperm level.

Following regular exercise and sleeping patterns, as well as eliminating tobacco, excessive drinking, and illicit drugs, are examples of lifestyle improvements.

It may also aid in the avoidance of certain prescribed drugs. Natural remedies like fenugreek and ashwagandha may also be beneficial.

Reduced trans fatty acid intake and increased polyunsaturated fatty acid and vitamin D intake are two dietary adjustments that create a positive sperm count.

The best strategy to increase sperm count with food is to eat a healthy, varied diet that contains lots of good fruits and veggies.

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