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Turinabol Review: Using This Anabolic Steroid Really Worth All That Risk?

This Turinabol review will give you a broader understanding of what is this product, how does it work, and how effective are its results on your body.

I will also share my experience of using this product and how effective it was on my body in this article of Turinabol Review. You can find the dosage and routine I followed while consuming Turinabol.

Read further and decide if this product is worth using or not!

What Is Turinabol?

TurinabolTurinabol could be considered as an anabolic steroid in the market.

If you read on the internet, you might be able to find out that Turinabol is widely used by athletes, weightlifters, and bodybuilders. Anabolic steroids could help in strengthening muscles and improving athletic performance.

The product has gained popularity due to its rapid effects on muscles size and strength. It could increase your endurance and enhance your exercise output too.

It could also help in speeding up the recovery time and reduce the swelling, fatigue, and damages in the muscle tissues which could help in exercising continuously for long hours.

It was also used in Osteroporposis as per this text. But later it has been discontinued.

According to the believers of Turinabol, an interesting property of this compound is that it could increase the metabolic rate of the cells during aerobic exercise, thereby increasing the levels of circulating free radicals.

Similarly, as a metabolic switch, it might result in the oxidation of fatty acids and consequently in eliminating the excessive fat from the body and helping in overall fat burning.

Though the product has not been approved by the FDA, people try to buy it from black markets and online modes even when the organisation has issued a notice warning people from using it.

This anabolic steroid is also enlisted in the WADA’s Prohibition List as athletes were found using it as an unfair means to win over their competitors. Athletes who tested positive were suspended.

Not to miss, it has also been related to tumor formation according to this text.


Working Of Turinabol

Turinabol has similar effects on the body to other anabolic steroids. It could stimulate the growth of muscle tissues by triggering the production of testosterone in the body.

The increased level of testosterone in the blood could help you in adding inches to your muscles and beef them up to give a stronger and bulkier look.

These abilities of Turinabol could encourage the bodybuilders to use this product to build lean muscle mass, power up their workout sessions, and increase their exercise output. 

This product could enhance the strength and stamina in your body and allow you to push beyond your limits. This might also help in expanding your endurance ability.

Usage of Turinabol could result in a reduction in the recovery time of the damaged tissues and generate new tissues rapidly after an intense workout.

It could also reduce the chances of injuries, cramps, and fatigue as it could strengthen your muscles, bones, and joints. So, you could perform intense exercises without any worries.

How I Came Across Turinabol?

My first experience with Turinabol was at a local gym, where the owner, who himself was into bodybuilding suggested that I purchase a bottle of it.

He said that he too has used it and it has effective results. I figured that he was selling it to me to make money and if he has used it too, wouldn’t do me much harm.

But before using it, I wanted to be sure this product wouldn’t harm my health so, I surfed about it on the internet and learned that the product was a popular one.

Many athletes and bodybuilders have been using it and have built quality gains from it. It has also helped them in enhancing their athletic performance.

Articles stated that the product could help in increasing the energy and stamina and allow to stack the workout heavily and stuff muscles with mass and not fat.

It said that it could increase the T count in the body which would not only help in increasing the muscles but would also decrease the excessive fat on the fat to give better vascularity to the body.

I was impressed with its reviews but also came across a few negative reviews that mentioned the adverse effects of this product on health. Some of which could result in permanent and irreversible damage.

I conferred about these with the owner and he said that such side effects occur to the abusers. When consumed in an adequate amount the product would not harm.

Personal Experience With Turinabol

I was convinced to give it a shot for the short term and decided to quit it immediately experiencing any side effects. I then purchased a bottle from him.

He even framed a diet plan and exercising schedule to follow with my dosage of Turinabol. On the first day, after taking it for just thirty minutes, my joints felt better than they had in years.

Over time my weight loss progress was quite noticeable. The initial dosage was very mild yet helped me in reducing my recovery time and extending my hours at the gym.

The progressive overload at the gym helped me in building quality muscles. By the end of my first cycle, I felt nauseous sometimes but my trainer said that my body is trying to adjust to changes.

I was consistently intensifying my workouts and my muscles were growing inches every day. Doubtlessly, my body was gaining pronounced veins but it also deprived me of sound sleep and affected my energy and focus.

As my third cycle was coming to an end, my trainer suggested that I should switch to a moderate dosage as my body might have gotten used to the mild dosage.

I agreed to it because this product was giving me good results. I began my moderate dosage from the second week of my fourth cycle. After a few days, I felt a headrush during my workout.

Also, I threw up as I reached home. Throw-ups became consistent during my fourth cycle. There was a constant feeling of fatigue due to which it was very hard to focus on my workouts.

One day after finishing my bench press, I felt dizzy so, I took a break and discussed my problems with a friend who suggested seeing a doctor might help as these are the common side effects of Turinabol.

As we stood up, I felt another head rush, everything went dark, and I fell unconscious. I realized I woke up at the hospital and heard my friend telling the doctor about my symptoms.

The tests also confirmed that Turinabol caused these problems. My doctor told me that there were signs of liver damage but were treatable through medication and won’t require surgery.

He asked me to immediately stop consuming Turinabol if I wanted to live a healthy life and cause no further damage to my body.

Usage Of Turinabol

Turinabol is a steroid, hence is consumed in cycles that vary from 4 weeks to 6 weeks. As I was a newbie, I began with a four weeks cycle.

I began with a mild dosage and continued the same for 3 cycles. My trainer raised my dose to moderate from the second week of my fourth cycle.

I did not consume it post the third week of my fourth cycle on my doctor’s advice as the product caused severe damage to my health and affected my liver.

Though I consumed this product with a proper diet and workout schedule, followed the dosage recommended by my trainer, and never abused its usage yet it harmed my health.

Benefits Of Using Turinabol

Turinabol might help you in building bigger muscles, maximize your strength, and improve your performance but the question that arises is, at what cost?

It is an anabolic steroid that might give you short-term benefits but even this short-term usage can cause long-term life-threatening side effects.

The product was initially beneficial to my body too but over some time, the regular usage of this product landed me in the hospital and put me on medication.

Side Effects Of Turinabol

A few common side effects of using steroids like Turinabol are hair loss, acne, rashes, mood swings, sleep deprivation, low libido due to low T count, etc. Sometimes, they get worse and affect the vital organs of the body too.

Such anabolic steroids could stay in the body for a couple of days to about a year or more and cause irreversible damage to the body and health.

Turinabol impacted my body not only on moderate dosage but also when I was on a mild dosage. It affected my health in various ways, I am discussing a few of them below-

  • Liver Damage

    My reports showed that my liver was affected due to my consumption of Turinabol. I am still on medication and working on getting better.

  • High Blood Pressure

    Even when I stopped my usage of Turinabol, my doctor recorded a spike in my blood pressure. He advised me to perform certain exercises to maintain it and prevent spiking.

  • Nausea

    This symptom was constant from my third or fourth week of the first cycle when I was mild dosage. I had various episodes of throw-ups during the moderate dosage and after stopping the consumption.

  • Head Rush

    I thought head rush to be the side effect of long hours of workouts but I fainted as the last one was quite intense. I also felt dizzy which was mostly followed by blurred vision.

  • Constant Fatigue

    Sometimes, I felt like I was drained out of energy and I also skipped going to the gym. I thought that it happened because I was not getting proper sleep but my low T count was the actual cause.

  • Suppressed Testosterone

    My doctor also showed his concern about my low count of testosterone. He said that Turinabol might have caused this reduction which caused high BP, tiredness, and other problems too.

Alternate Choice

Upon recovering from the side effects of Turinabol, I rejoined my gym to retain whatever muscles were left. My gym owner was sorry for suggesting a product that impacted my health.

I followed the basic exercises only and did not push myself into performing anything intense. My friend then introduced me to Trenorol.

He told me that this product could give me the similar benefits that I was deriving from Turinabol but wouldn’t harm my health in any way. He told me that he too uses it and assured me of its safety.

The product can help me in losing excessive fat while developing quality gains and strengthening my muscles to push more weights at the gym. 

I was scared to use any product of this kind so I consulted my doctor who gave me a green signal to use this product as it is prepared with all the natural ingredients and I am allergic to none of them.

It has been a few weeks of using Trenorol, it has helped me in gaining my strength and shredding the excessive fat away rapidly by regulating my metabolism.

I stick to the dosage stated on the label of this product and pair it with a proper nutrient-rich diet and workout schedule. Also, I never skip my routine checkups to keep my health in check.

Wrap Up Of Turinabol Review

To summarize the usage and results of Turinabol, I will say that it did affect the growth of my muscles and enhanced my physical performance from its initial usage but using this product was risky.

I am thankful that the product did not cause any permanent damages to my body and the impacts were treatable. Though now I am using Trenorol which is giving me similar results without damaging my body.

The product is packed with ingredients that help me in building a stronger and bulkier body while it maintains my health too. The product gives me similar benefits to Turinabol but causes no issues like it.

The effectiveness of Trenorol has given me the hope of bulking my muscles with mass and nutrients. So far the product has given me positive results so I have decided to stick to this product for building quality muscles.

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