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All About Tongkat Ali: Uses, Benefits, Dosage, And More

Herbs could be one of the most advantageous natural supplements with numerous health benefits. You could consume a few herbs regularly to keep yourself fit and healthy. 

One such herb is Tongkat Ali or Longjack, which may offer various health benefits to the consumers. 

Many researchers believe Tongkat Ali to be a promising medicinal herb with several unknown health benefits. 

But, to date, the flowering plant is considered a potential medicinal supplement. In this article, you will know the identified benefits and side effects of Tongkat Ali.

What Is Tongkat Ali?

Tongkat Ali or Longjack is a famous traditional Southeast Asian medicine that has been used for centuries. It is used as a herbal remedy that cures several irregularities in the human body. 

The flowering plant could be beneficial for treating several health issues, including fever, bacterial infections, etc. But, it could be a solid contributor to treating sexual health problems in humans. 

The herbal plant could potentially treat erectile dysfunction, boost male fertility, relieve stress, etc. Every part of a medicinal herb could be beneficial for treatment, including stem, roots, leaves, bark, flower, etc. 

In Tongkat Ali, roots could be the highest source of several essential bioactive compounds. Moreover, the herbal plant could also contain valuable phytochemicals like quassinoids, alkaloids, and other bioactive steroids.  

Currently, Tongkat Ali is available in dietary supplements, teas, energy drinks, etc. But, the highest consumed form is Tongkat Ali pills.

Tongkat Ali Benefits

Tongkat Ali could be a potential treatment for some health conditions. It offers many health benefits to both males and females, respectively.

Tongkat Ali Benefits For Male

  1. May Treat Erectile Dysfunction

    One could say that it is becoming one of the primary concerns for several men worldwide. Erectile dysfunction is all about the condition in which a male may not be able to achieve a firm erection for sexual activities.

    Tongkat Ali may enhance the low testosterone level in males, improving their sexual desires.

    Moreover, the increased testosterone could positively impact males struggling with erectile dysfunction, according to the observational studies conducted.

  2. May Boost Male Fertility

    Testosterone levels in males could dip with age, exposure to radiation, medications, injuries, etc. But, the dipping level could be controlled and improved by taking Tongkat Ali.

    The increased testosterone would restore normal libido, orgasm, and sexual activity. Moreover, the Tongkat Ali supplement could enhance the sperm volume, count, motility, and viability to boost a male’s fertility.

  3. May Improve Skeletal Health

    Tongkat Ali could be beneficial in restoring the loss of bone mass. It could also play a vital role in preventing osteoporosis in older males.

    Moreover, with a balanced hormone level, you could stabilize the level of essential components of the skeletal mass of the human body like calcium, magnesium, and vitamins like Vitamin D.

    Here is a discussion on vitamin d in regards to skeletal and non-skeletal health.

  4. May Enhance Body Composition

    The Tongkat Ali acts as an ergogenic aid for athletes. Hence, they prefer consuming supplements to improve their performance.

    It could help maintain balanced body composition and increase muscle mass to stay fit and healthy.

    Tongkat Ali contains some compounds like eurycomaoside, eurycomanone, and eurycolactone that could help to use energy efficiently.

    Moreover, these compounds could kill fatigue and enhance endurance to keep active all day.

  5. May Be Effective Against Cancer

    Tongkat Ali plant could be helpful to counter growing cancer cells. Several scientists are looking forward to discovering the cancer-fighting properties of the herbal plant.

    You could also say that some unknown quassinoids in the Longjack may be effective against the lung and cervical cancer cells.

    Another experiment suggests that the Longjack’s quassinoids could fight human prostate cancer.

    But, due to lack of evidence, clinical usage isn’t advisable.

  6. May Have Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-Bacterial Properties

    Tongkat Ali extract contains some anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants that could stop inflammation in the body.

    It could be effective against bacteria like Escherichia coli and Salmonella typhi from causing any disease.


  1. May Restrict Unwanted Weight Gain

    Immediate weight gain is never good for health, and it might have some underlying health conditions. Due to the exposure to several environmental toxins, the human body’s hormonal balance gets disturbed.

    The disturbed hormonal balance and metabolism lead to unwanted weight gains. Tongkat Ali could be beneficial in stabilizing the hormonal imbalances in females and restricting weight gain effectively.

  2. May Boost Energy

    Several hidden causes lead to hormonal imbalance in your body, which could significantly lower energy and metabolism.

    Tongkat Ali could bring the hormones under control and keep them at a balanced level that increases the energy and metabolism to perform tasks.

    Moreover, it works as a supplement to support endurance during exercise.

  3. May Provide Libido Support

    Irrespective of gender, a testosterone boost could be helpful to induce sexual needs and desires in a person.

    Tongkat Ali could be great herbal medicine to increase sensations in the sensitive zones and boost libido in females.

    Hence, with Tongkat Ali, females could boost or bring their sexual life on track again.

  4. May Improve Mood

    Tongkat Ali could be a great option to deal with stress, mood swings, and varying emotions in females. Tongkat Ali is believed to reduce the effect of cortisol, which is the most crucial stress hormone in the human body.

    Cortisol is produced due to excessive stress or anxiety that could lead to weight gain, sleeplessness, distorted diet plans, etc.

    Hence, Tongkat Ali supplements could keep the cortisol level normal to improve mood. Moreover, regular intake of Tongkat Ali could also improve memory in females.

  5. May Keep Blood Sugar Level In Check

    Type II diabetes is getting familiar with each day passing. However, you could control diabetes by taking medicines and maintaining a proper lifestyle.

    Tongkat Ali could help females cut down their blood sugar levels to normal.

    The herbal supplement reduces the refined carbohydrate intake, boosts energy to do exercises, and helps get quality sleep, positively impacting blood sugar levels.

Tongkat Ali For Testosterone

Testosterone is a primary and vital sex hormone in males that could help to keep their sexual life healthy.

The sex hormone could have a definite role as it could help regular sex drive, increase bone mass, cut down fat, maintain muscle mass, and produce red blood cells and sperm in men.

As testosterone performs several essential functions for both men and women, a drop in the hormone level could impact sexual life and health.

Here, Tongkat Ali could help improve the testosterone level in both males and females. Studies show that it could help ease the management of hypogonadism in men.

Men taking Tongkat Ali regularly in prescribed doses could experience a difference in their sexual life.

The improved testosterone level could experience a better erection firmness, libido, good sperm concentration, and health in men.

Moreover, the Longjack supplement could boost an individual’s stamina, energy, and strength. 

Like men, women could face a dip in health and sexual drive due to low testosterone.

Testosterone in females, along with estrogen (the primary female sex hormone), could help women grow and maintain their sexual needs.

Moreover, a good testosterone level in women could positively impact human behavior and bone mass. Hence, Tongkat Ali would help keep the testosterone level well-maintained in females to avoid such problems.

Tongkat Ali Side Effects

Tongkat Ali could be beneficial in the majority of the cases, but it could show some side effects in some special conditions. 

  • Tongkat Ali could be toxic if consumed in high doses regularly. Hence, it is advised to take Tongkat Ali in prescribed doses to avoid health problems. 

  • People who are struggling with hormonal cancers should avoid taking Tongkat Ali. As the herbal plant supplement could increase the testosterone level in the body, it could be harmful to the hormonal cancer patient. 

  • People struggling with high blood glucose levels should take advice from doctors to consume Tongkat Ali along with prescribed medicines.
    In some cases, the Tongkat Ali supplement boosts the effect of medications on the human body, which could be harmful. 

  • Tongkat Ali could be harmful to people with weak immune systems or struggling with heart, kidney, or lung diseases. 

Some other common side effects of consuming Tongkat Ali regularly could be insomnia, irritability, and restlessness.

In case these side effects persist, then immediately consult your healthcare specialist to get the best advice.

Tongkat Ali Dosage

The dosage of Tongkat Ali varies depending on the supplement and manufacturer.

Hence, before consuming any dietary supplement with Tongkat Ali content, you should check the manufacturer’s instructions for dosage. 

The standard dosage for Tongkat Ali extract should be 25 mg orally every 2-3 days. But, you could take 200-300 mg of Tongkat Ali full-spectrum power orally per day.

Some studies have mentioned that an adult could safely take up to 1.2 grams of Tongkat Ali per day.


Tongkat Ali is a promising supplement that could offer tremendous health benefits in the future. It may be an effective supplement for cancer patients, but the search is still on. 

Tongkat Ali could be a great supplement to consume to treat low testosterone levels and other health conditions.

But, the search and experiments aren’t over yet for Tongkat Ali, hence, you should consume it after consulting with healthcare specialists.

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